Ideal Personal Watercraft Features For A Tall Person

Posted on: 1 February 2023


One of the things that you'll need to take into account when you shop for personal watercraft is your height. If you're of average height, all sorts of makes and models will be suitable for you. However, if you're of above-average height, it's important to be more discerning when you shop. There are some personal watercraft that are designed to be comfortable for those who are on the taller side. You should discuss this topic with your salesperson so that they can identify a few appropriate models, and you should then sit on them to assess how they feel.

Here are some watercraft features to look for when you're tall.

Ample Leg Room

When you're tall, you want your personal watercraft to offer enough leg room. The amount of leg room can vary significantly from model to model. Certain models are designed to provide more space for your legs, whether you're stretching them out in front of you when you're casually riding or you have them bent when you're traveling at a fast pace. Sitting on a few models will help you to try different leg positions and find the model that provides you with the right amount of leg room.

Tall Seat

You'll find that the seat height of different personal watercraft can vary significantly. When you're taller, you'll generally favor a tall seat. While a short seat would cause you to have to bend your legs significantly, a taller seat would allow you to sit in more of a natural position. A tall seat is also easy for someone with long legs to climb on and off, whereas a shorter person might find the height of the seat a little awkward.

Tall Handlebars

Another feature to look for when you browse different personal watercraft is a set of tall handlebars. When you're tall, you don't want to have a model that has low handlebars, as they'll require you to lean forward at an unnatural angle. Tall handlebars will make it easier for you to sit upright while you ride, which won't put unnecessary strain on your lower back. If you find a model that has adjustable handlebars, be sure to move them into the upper position and then sit on the watercraft to assess their position.

To learn more about personal watercraft and the various features that are useful for someone who is tall, visit a local dealership.