4 Things To Look For When Buying Pre-Owned Motorcycles For Resale

Posted on: 12 January 2019


Used motorcycles can be found just about anywhere, and they can often be found at prices below market value if you know where to look. Therefore, used or pre-owned motorcycles can pose a possibility for a profit. Take a look at some of the things to look for in bikes that you plan to buy to resell for a profit. 

1. Look for bikes that hold their resale value well.  

Just like other vehicles, there are certain motorcycles that hold their resale value better than others. Bikes from top-name manufacturers that have a good reputation for quality tend to hold their value best, which means you can likely still get a fair profit for a bike that is from a known name even if the bike is older or has a few issues. 

2. Look for bikes that have lower mileage. 

Bikes that have lower mileage can fetch a higher amount of money than bikes that have already got a lot of miles on them simply because these bikes are probably going to last longer for the money. Some buyers will completely steer clear of bikes with high mileage, so this can drastically reduce your interested audience when you try to resale the bike. 

3. Look for bikes that are of interest to more than one type of buyer. 

Some bikes are most fitting to certain types of buyers. For example, a sports motorcycle is smaller than a lot of other models, but they can also be harder to handle. Therefore, these bikes usually look most attractive to a more experienced rider. If you are buying for the intention of reselling a motorcycle, you want models that are going to be attractive to a wide range of buyers. So sticking with more diverse models is usually best. Road bikes, for instance, are prized by experienced riders and newbies because they are comfortable and usually easier to handle. 

4. Look for bikes that don't have a lot of cosmetic damage. 

Cosmetic damage on a motorcycle usually gives one impression to a prospective buyer: this bike has been involved in an accident. Motorcycles that have been involved in an accident can come with a whole host of problems, so a lot of buyers are leery of buying any bike that even gives an inkling that something has happened in the past. Even if the cosmetic damage came from a minor scrape or layover, it can look far worse in theory and compromise a sale.