Servicing And Maintaining Your New Motorcyle

Posted on: 23 December 2016


Motorcycles are exciting to ride and even better for road trips and adventures with other motorcyclists. They do not come cheap or without requirements for ongoing maintenance but if you follow the schedule laid out by the manufacturer, you will continue to get years of enjoyment from your motorcycle.

Breaking in Your New Motorcycle

When you buy your motorcycle, the dealer will give you the maintenance schedule for your bike. During the first few months, you will need to have the oil changed more often than after the motor has broken in. This is because when the engine is assembled there are special greases and lubes used inside to reduce wear until the engine oil fills all the bearings and galley spaces. As it mixes in, the oil becomes contaminated and needs to be changed to avoid oil breakdown and failure problems.

Following the Maintenance Schedule

After the initial break-in period, the dealership will service your bike on the standard service cycle. Because that is different for every motorcycle, you will need to consult the owner's manual or ask the service department of the dealership to get the times and mileage intervals for your model. There are some general recommendations, but they may only cover the oil changes and not address the specific needs of your motorcycle.

Lubricating Critical Components

Along with oil changes, things like shift linkages, cables, the chain, and other moving parts need to be cared for as well. Any moving parts on the motorcycle should be checked for wear regularly. If there is a grease fitting, then it should be greased as well. As you ride your motorcycle, these moving parts build up heat and break down the grease in the bearings and moving parts. It needs to be replaced or the friction will cause the surfaces to heat up and could potentially fuse moving parts together.

Checking the Lights and Other Parts

While the bike is in for service, the lights should all be checked for functionality and lights that are not working should be replaced. This is a good time to visually check the tires as well. Check the tread depth on the tires and the condition of the sidewalls. Damaged tires should be replaced immediately as they pose a safety hazard to the rider and the cars around him. Brakes can be checked as well, and the whole motorcycle can get a good once-over for any damage or wear that might not otherwise be noticed.

Depending on the type of motorcycle you have, companies like Monarch Honda may be able to help meet your needs in this area.