Make Sure Your Motorcycle T-Shirt Is One You Actually Want To Wear When You Ride

Posted on: 2 November 2017


If you've been perusing the web for some fun motorcycle t-shirts to wear while you ride, keep in mind that while one shirt may have a cool design, it may not be the best for riding. Keep these tips in mind when shopping.

Look for Wicking Fabrics

When buying a t-shirt, try to avoid cotton if you can. It's notorious for holding onto moisture, like if you start to sweat. Even if you have a breeze. wearing a helmet and protective layers can heat you up and make you sweat real quick. Look for wicking fabrics, like high-tech polyester, since they won't hold on to your sweat. A damp t-shirt is a surefire way to have an uncomfortable ride. You may want to look for motorcycle designs on athletic t-shirts. Athletic t-shirts usually have wicking properties, but they also have insulating properties, so they may help keep you warm on windy or rainy days.

Get the Right Sleeve Length & Size

Chafing can easily occur when clothing doesn't fit right and rubs the skin. When looking at motorcycle t-shirts, keep in mind that very short sleeves--like a cap sleeve--could possibly cause skin irritation in armpits. And since you need your hands on the handlebars and clutch, itchiness is a recipe for disaster. Instead, look for sleeves that are a bit longer; 3/4 sleeves are a good option too. Besides sleeve length, remember that the size of the shirt will affect chafing as well. You may love baggy shirts, but if they aren't somewhat fitted, the extra fabric can cause chafing. 

Go for Seamless T-Shirts

To continue to avoid chafing while riding, look for seamless t-shirts. You may notice that some t-shirts are made with two pieces sewn together with a side seam. With seamless t-shirts, the fabric has been made on a circular loom (giving it a tube shape) and then sleeves and neck shaping are added later on. Seamless t-shirts mean no seams will irritate your skin! 

Make Sure It Goes with Your Protective Jacket

If you love a t-shirt but don't think you'd wear other protective riding garments with it, then put it in the "no" pile. Like a helmet, a riding jacket is really a must when you're out on the road. A motorcyclist at Road Runner says that his protective gear saved his life and the road took on his jacket instead of his skin. Find a riding jacket that is versatile with your outfits. Your standard black leather jacket can go great with many motorcycle t-shirts.

Talk with a vendor online about your t-shirt's specifications before you order.